Purling Hiss

Drenched in the kind of fuzz that tortures the stylus and backed with a "we almost broke the pressing plant's equipment because our shit's too loud" story that makes your heart swell with pride; Purling Hiss couldn't possibly be more in line with RSTB's favorite tendencies. A side project of Mike Pollize from Birds of Maya, who decided to fully immerse himself in his love of High Rise, Les Rallizes Denudes and other full on, blown out Japanese psych masters that bring a curled smile to our lips every time they hit the turntable. This self-titled monster isn't one to wrap itself in melody, though its there under the wall of scorched fuzz, no sir this is a paean to the jam and an offering to the alter of electric immersion. Headphones not highly recommended because this one needs room to breathe and feeds on the crackle of speaker wire and the smoldering smell of ozone burning away with each monstrous chord. Definitely necessary, grab one of these limited beauties while they're still around. Early run of purple sold out but there are still some standard black copies to be had.

[MP3] Purling Hiss - Almost Washed My Hair
[MP3] Purling Hiss - DUI

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