Puerto Rico Flowers

Cresting in on a wave of acerbic darkwave that's been building over the past year, Clockcleaner's John Sharkey III takes hold of the sound and throttles it to perfection. Spare in the best of terms, Sharkey paces emotionless atop a steady axis of bass/synth and the distant clop of drums that keep the sinister impulses moving steady. Despite the spot on album title (4, there are 4 songs) the band has little to do with its Puerto Rican moniker, instead finding itself forged in Sharkey's haunts in the U.S. and Australia before crawling out into the open. Several have tried to capture the perfect mix of nihilism and wretched, writhing emotion in one filthy package and most have come up short. Sharkey however, leaves a taste for more with this EP and it seems he could be one of the forerunners of a new gothic underground. There are a few great new runners in this field and definitely something to watch in 2010 between this project, Xeno & Oaklander and Led Er Est. We'll see who survives.

[MP3] Puerto Rico Flowers - Let's Make Friends

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