It’s always hard to write about those you know, but despite knowing far too much about the members of Diehard, it’s difficult to not let the edges of a smile cross my face each time I hear them. Awash in a flash of flannel and more than a touch of cardigan, their male/female indie pop recalls an era’s worth of 90’s stalwarts like wrapping your arms around old friends. Plowing through shared loves of Afghan Whigs and Superchunk and cascading like the first rising waves of unrequited crush; their EP Oh So Premiere is a sincere return to indie form. Back to the days when boys pined, girls pined and house parties lasted way past their point of usefulness. The EP is just a taste of what the band plays live and it's highly recommended that you catch them in their awkwardly adorable perfect setting on a stage somewhere soon.

[MP3] Diehard - Future Tense

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I really love your blog, It is and has been such a favorite of mine.

Maybe you can check out mine sometime.

Keep up the brilliant work,


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I really apologize if this is an annoying inquiry...I am a big fan of your blog and have just started one of my own and was wondering how you embed mp3s? Thank you so much for any and all info

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