Blessure Grave

There's a lot to be said for Blessure Grave's ability to balance pessimism and melody. There are instances on their early releases as well as on Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six that achieve pop greatness. However, over the longer span of an album the pessimism tends to edge over the melody and wear down on you like a pouty 17 year old. Brevity is not one of Blessure Grave's strong suits here. The CD version of the album includes four tracks from their debut 12" which provide the best of the bunch, though some of the newer material isn't terribly far behind in terms of quality. They have a knack for capturing the close quartered suffocation of isolating youth, tapping all the right 80's Goth touchstones to soundtrack each streak of rain falling down the darkened window panes that lock the world out. I came into the album with high hopes off the promise of Learn To Love The Rope but I'm hard pressed to say they completely fulfilled that promise. There seems to be a slowly building brood of Goth-pop acolytes cropping up, and with the right amount of restraint and self-editing Blessure Grave could definitely be amongst the better half, lest their darkness consume them first.

[MP3] Blessure Grave - Stop Breathing
[MP3] Blessure Grave - Open or Shut

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