Bird Show Band

This is quite a different Bird Show from the last time we encountered Ben Vida's long running project. Veering away from his constant home, Kranky Records, Vida steps away from the lone swordsman approach to his writing. With just a bit of his early drone and clatter based work cropping up in the interludes on this album, the key phrase here Bird Show Band. The sections, mostly labeled "Quintet (1-4) and one labeled "Quartet" allow Vida to surround himself with talented hive of musicians who've formerly associated themselves with Tortoise, Jim O'Rourke, Hamid Drake and countless others. This hive seems poised to break open, shifting easily between German progressive rhythm to jazz-centered free composition and noise. The album is Vida at his most playful and at the same time most precise, skimming through sound like it was water and volleying it back and forth among able hands.

[MP3] Bird Show Band - Quintet Four

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Anonymous yasmin said...

only one album thats very good some compose many trakcs but none of them ll be nice . thanks for sharing this awsome track


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