As usual Kria Brekkan conjures the haunting from her serene surroundings, making lullabies feel like last gasps and creaking pianos feel like whispering ghosts.

Kria Brekkan – Uterus Water 7"
The title of Brekkan's latest single is nothing if not evocative, and though she claims the track to be a lullaby crafted while on sickbed it sounds more like an ultrasound orchestra washing slowly through time and consciousness. She follows this
murky symphony with the sweet but eerie sounds of "Place of You" which would come off a little sweeter were Brekkan's voice not able to give us instant shivers as if she's trapped between temporal planes. Rounding out the set is another plunge into the abyss, a bit more sonar for the spirits that seem to infest her every surrounding.

[MP3] Kria Brekkan - Place of You

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