A-Frames/Climax Golden Twins combination plate AFCGT swing a deal with Sub Pop which seems surprising on the surface but less so taking into account A-Frames history with the Seattle institution. The move thankfully has spurred no movement towards a softening of the band's sound and their (again) S/T album is again a grey-skied industrial plow through deserted streets of sound. Clanging in desperation and pounding thick against the skull in anxious waves of paranoia, AFCGT bring bleak to harrowing new heights here. Stretched like piano wire to avoid intruders, guitars fray and quiver, lash out and then brood fearfully. Vocals, when present, recall recitations from the Necronomicon inspiring no amount of consolation from the ravaged sonic world they inhabit. A bit more sparse, if possible, than their last outing but nonetheless pure AFCGT.

[MP3] AFCGT - Two Legged Dog

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Blogger Felicia_Ceballos said...

I haven't heard something like this in a while, very cool

1:08 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

The title of this track is actually "Two Legged Dog". Your filename has it correct, your link does not.
Great track though!

2:00 AM  

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