From the issued descriptions of Yoga, I'd expected more straightforward Evil to be injected into their sound, and though the band does emit a fair amount of creepy, poltergeist channeling static; they're more embryonic than demonic it would seem. Amidst the lost radio broadcast tones and sweeping energy there are a few surprising and chillingly calm moments that touch on Rosemary's Baby-esque creepiness, for instance the serene float of "Dreamcast". Now maybe I'm not sensing the demons because I spend a good deal of my time listening to bands who invoke the "channeling purgatory" vibe through oscillated noisescapes, but still Yoga do a fair job of layering abstract static into a blanket of hushed and harshed tones in equal measure. The vibe comes off as damaged nostalgia of black metal tapes, the fogged memory of the angst of youth rather than transmissions from the growling source. It's a well constructed web of gauzy skuzz though, even if it doesn't spend any real time hovering around the 7th layer of hell.

[MP3] Yoga - Encante
[MP3] Yoga - Dreamcast

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posted by dissensous at 6:41:00 PM