Woven Bones

Austin's Woven Bones follow up several hot blooded 7"s with a 4 track EP on Zoo Music, and its chock full of the same venomous, sweat stained rock that made us fall in love with their singles. The boys have a knack for distilling the heavier side of shoegazey psych ala Spacemen 3 and sandblasting it through a heavy shower of fuzz, a pummel of rudimentary drums and kicking the lyrics chock full of enough sneer and swagger to make a young girl blush. It seems as the records get longer, the band just gets better, with "If You're Gold, I'm Gone" inching its way alongside their other A-Sides to become an endlessly repeated listen around here. The EP's just a taster though, as we're pretty sure that full-length on HoZac is gonna rip the doors off of anything it touches.

[MP3] Woven Bones - If You're Gold, I'm Gone

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What a great sound. Definitely on my radar. Thanks guys.

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