While Christmas Island's debut album fully lived up to the promises laid down by their initial 7" and gauntlet of influences referenced in print prior to its release, it seems there's no stopping them there. The band lays down a 7" for Captured Tracks and seemingly outdo themselves all over again.

Christmas Island – Nineteen b/w Twenty Nine 7"
Concept albums come and go, and usually they go and go and drag on too long. However a concept 7" seems about the right speed for the coneceptualist on the go. Christmas Island offers up a pair of tracks that
shed light on two of youth's pivotal ages and the decade that lies between. The A-side, "Nineteen", jangles and shuffles through down and out summer bummers of drinking, boredom and restlessness. It's earnest ambling is the perfect fit to suburban wanderlust. The track is as stripped and raw as the nerves of any recent graduate with a spiteful distaste for their surroundings. On the flip the band runs through the dead end feelings of dashed expectations and goals unfulfilled. The production gets a bit denser and the pace slows to a bittersweet saunter. Each line drips with a mid-life desperate restlessness that's more earned than the former track's youthful impudence. The band nails each age perfectly and this comes off as one of the more well executed singles of the year.

[MP3] Christmas Island - Twenty Nine

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