Some of the most digestible jams we've heard yet from Eric Lopez-Zareno who aside from his one man meanderings as Teepee is also known to record with Electric Bunnies and Melted Sunglasses. The last few drops from the Teepee camp have been bogged down in drone coated molasses but this time Eric opts for the simplicity of synth-punk and scarred acoustic odes ground through a familiar lo-fi filter. Skittering along on dime store beats, taped together with noise and remnant guitar strings, Morals bashes a nice collection of dour seizures through the wringer of cheap recording and splays them out through cheap speakers. Definitely eking out a personality for himself on this longplayer and getting me more pumped for that HoZac single that's set to drop in the Hookup Klub later this year. Limited and put out on Lopez-Zareno's own label. Grab one while you can.

[MP3] Teepee - I Told You So
[MP3] Teepee - Philippines

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Nice. But you skipped your Tuesday garage rock thing!

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