The Night Shadows - The Square Root of Two
Originally branded Little Phil and the Night Shadows, the band's roots go way back to early garage groups from the late 50's, far before many of their contemporaries. Despite this longstanding history in garage
rock the band didn't really garner attention until 1968 when they were swept up in the psychedelic movement and subsequently released The Square Root of Two. They re-record a few of their earlier singles and pile on fuzz plus add quite a few new rumblers to their repertoire. Not surprisingly for a band delving into the psychedelic movement for the first time, there are a few self-indulgent moments and tell tale studio trickery that comes off hammy but when The Night Shadows cook it down right their practiced playing helps them pull it off in style. Though this seemed to be their last ditch effort, it stands as a fun and occasionally great fuzz flecked garage album.

[MP3] The Night Shadows - So Much
[MP3] The Night Shadows - Anything But Lies

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Blogger Unknown said...

very nice! these garage guys were what bands should be like. Raw, passionate, unpretentious, and awesome! More bands like this would be appreciated.

12:07 PM  

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