Naam follow their excellent Kingdom EP with an epic metal masterpiece that proves that prog hasn't been lost to the quest for the riff in these times. Not that the band can't hit a groove and work it, Naam play Sabbath styled rockers like they were born into it. But like the best of early Sabbath, the band knows how to weave in elements of space and texture amongst the heavy basalt blasts of pure volume and amplifier fallout. Feeling like the natural born sons of Hawkwind, King Crimson and of course Black Sabbath; the band has their history down without sounding like they're just tracing the pictures of the yesterday's greats. The recording, done on a farm in upstate New York, is uncluttered and crackles with an analog electricity that fits like a tattered trench coat over the framework of Naam's sinewy songwriting. Down to the artwork itself, this album has the makings of a metal masterpiece. It's one of Tee Pee's best of the year and the reason they're always a label to watch.

[MP3] Naam - Skyling Slip
[MP3] Naam - Tidal Barrens

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