Matt Valentine and Erika Elder return to Ecstatic Peace and bring J. Mascis and Jeremy Earl with them. Following up their looser Drone Trailer with a bit of a return to the form that made them staples of the Ectstatic Peace stable, Matt & Erika don't quite rope in the full acoustic blues that they laid down with The Golden Road but they seem to have eked out a bit of a compromise of the styles. Fully indulging their love of the jammier side of the late 60's and early 70's, its unsurprising to hear them mention names like Grateful Dead and Hot Tuna when ticking off influences for Barn Nova. Though mostly new fare, one older CD-r fave "Get Right Church" gets a bit of a heavier, bluesier make over smoldering right along the rest of the late night bonfire jams that make up the album. More sunburnt goodness from the Northeast and just what we've come to expect and love from the duo.

[MP3] MV & EE - Get Right Church
[MP3] MV & EE - Feelin' Fine

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hell yes! holy shit - this sound is amazing, i can't wait to hear where it goes on the rest

much thanks! 'feelin fine' feels fucking-great

12:50 AM  

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