Moon Duo

Wooden Shjips axeman Ripley Johnson follows up his debut 12" flying under the Moon Duo moniker perfectly with this EP on Sacred Bones. Killing Time finds common ground between his work with the Shjips and the long, winding, static pocked, Krautrocked jams that he laid down earlier this year. Replacing a bit of the hiss and fizzle with a steady booted beat and even a bit of recognizable vocals slipping through the mix. As with any great EP, Ripley leaves you aching for more as the blurred visions of the A-side peak with "Speed" and then give way to slower mindscapes on the flip that burn low and practically beg to pick back up into a fevered beat. Hopefully Ripley's solo ventures won't end here because these entries to the psych cannon are getting just too sweet to dissipate now.

Head on over to Pukekos where you can download a bonus Moon Duo live track, "Bopper's Hat Jam" and check out the accompanying video.

[MP3] Moon Duo - Speed

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