The Godz - Third Testament
Much has been debated (in small circles at least) about the importance of The Godz within the context of modern music. Lester Bangs' experience with their first album is probably the most telling. For well over a year he considered
it (and thus told people it was) the worst album ever made, but eventually he would grow to love it so much he'd become one of the band's main champions. And he's right in saying that they are one of the most inept, but also one of the most interesting bands of the late 60s. Interesting because though they played like they'd just found their instruments in a dumpster outside the studio; they also played with exuberance and unpretentious honesty. So much can't always be said of many band's of the late 60s who following their first taste of acid, found truth and decided to tell the world they'd found it. The Godz have made possible some of the most discordant, distraught and distressed sounds that emerged later in rock. Much like a cagier Shaggs (whose obliviousness is often their greatest asset) The Godz shine because they don't necessarily try to. Anybody could play it but most wouldn't have the follow through to do it stupid enough. Third Testament stands as the last taste of the early band before they somehow got the impulse to actually learn to play and both sides of their persona are on view here. Although Bangs himself thought they lost their spark after Godz 2, this still retains some of that fire that made them what they were. Still it's the older material that really seems to stand the test of time, so I suppose this stands as a momentous shift from groundbreaking to just broken.

[MP3] The Godz - Womban
[MP3] The Godz - Ruby Red

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