More nebulous, craggy energy from Ohio's greatest export, Emeralds. The band's S/T album amps up the synth work, occasionally putting them in the very same headphone euphoric headspace that the most recent Oneohtrix Point Never album seems to creep into. Carving out sea caves with lasers, the band washes over the listener in equally muted and crisp tones, a faded photograph of a 60's ideal of the future perfect. By now it seem almost a given that whatever comes out of the Emerald camp, be it McGuire or Hauschildt solo albums but more especially the group proper, will be of the utmost quality. Dive in and let the mind wander amongst Emeralds' deep sonic caverns. Each minute feels like tidal breath, letting the darkness seep into the lungs and brain just a bit further. Relax, don't struggle and it won't hurt a bit.

[MP3] Emeralds - Diotima

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Blogger Daniel Souza Luz said...

Beautiful song! I never heard of this band. Thank you. Greetings from Brazil!

8:40 PM  
Blogger lauren said...

this song's beautiful. great post!

11:39 AM  

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