Efterklang with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra

At some point I would have thought that Efterklang's music couldn't get any more grand, anymore robust, any more sweepingly cinematic but I would be wrong. Shortly after recording their beautiful album Parades in 2007, the band was invited to perform with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra. New arrangements were written and the huge group took the stage at the Koncerthuset in Copenhagen. The results are just as one would expect from a band that plays hauntingly utopic music straight from their hearts. Each nook of Performing Parades is filled with delicate sounds, epic sounds and impossibly moving sounds. Thankfully the performance was not only recorded but also filmed and both the CD and LP packages for these are accompanied by a disc documenting the performance. Efterklang has long ached to sound this full and brimming with cooperative life, now they've finally have the chance to fulfill that dream.

[MP3] Efterklang - Mirrador (Live)
[MP3] Efterklang - Caravan (Live)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I picked up Parades after hearing sampling them on RSTB a while ago. I was into them for a little bit, but then the sweeping grandiosity started to get to me. It was almost too much and doesn't give itself enough of a break to build up from. It's like it's always on.

That being said, one would think that adding MORE grandiosity to the equation would be moving in the wrong direction, but...carry the one...the math is correct.

This would be phenomenal to see in person.

1:32 PM  

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