Captured tracks lays another batch on a clamorous public and as expected its chock full of killers. Ganglians continue their reign as one of the greatest exports California's got going for it.

Ganglians – Blood On The Sand 7"
A double shot of the pop side of Ganglians on this 7" as the band eschews their noisier experimentations for the pure echo bliss of Cali waves. The A-Side's all gooey vocals and sinister stomp, making for a nice yin-yang of a
track that fills all your aural needs. The flip amps up the sweetness and strips back the reverb just a bit but still has plenty of pop charm to fall in love with. An absolute double punch of greatness from a band that appears to not have any plans for resting on their way to greatness. If they keep 'em coming like this, there will definitely be no stoping them.

[MP3] Ganglians - Blood on the Sand

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