Brilliant Colors

A very impressive follow up to the band's lo-fi singles earlier this year, Introducing is surprisingly crisp, clean and seriously fun. Honestly after seeing the band live earlier this year and hearing those initial singles, I wouldn't have expected this album to turn out as anything more than a radio crackled shout from across the room but sprinkle on some of that Slumberland pop bounce and polish up the knobs on their amplifiers and the band shows their true spirit can outshine any genre aesthetics. Flinging a huge dose of jangle into the mix along with the requisite fevered spray of distortion and that cheeky girl-group charm that goes a long way to move feet and soften hearts, Brilliant Colors have the right elements working overtime. Sure they're going to get a tough run of comparisons to similar entries into the female garage trio pantheon of late but they've certainly got enough tunes to backup their claim.

[MP3] Brilliant Colors - Absolutely Anything
[MP3] Brilliant Colors - Short Sleeves At Night

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