White Rainbow

There are quite few words that spring to mind to describe Adam Forkner's work under the guise of White Rainbow, but honestly, boogie isn't usually one of them. Yet that word pops up in two titles on his latest album New Clouds. Don't get scratch your head with wonderment just yet, the Rainbow hasn't gone all T. Rex on us just yet. Perhaps in the rarefied air that surrounds the White Rainbow universe, boogie takes on a whole new meaning. Maybe slowed down and shot straight through the quark's core there is a certain slow groove that forms around Forkner's shuffling transmissions. New Clouds runs slow motion Krautrock to the precipice of consciousness, grabs sine waves by the hands and then pushes them down a hill, rolling in repeated waves of dizzying swells. New Clouds is a melt into the couch kind of record, stuck for the entirety to your spot for fear that the euphoric reverberations will cease. Hardly the kind of record that inspires from the hip gyrations but then again maybe you need to redefine how you boogie. Exactly what we were hoping for in a White Rainbow record.

[MP3] White Rainbow - All The Boogies In The World (edit)

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