There is great evidence that if they wanted to, Woods could wander deep into the roads of affecting alt-country, crafting sweet and earthen odes that captivate crowds in the same way that Ben Bridwell has been able to. Though perhaps its that little bit of strangeness that they never quite let go of that keeps them dear to our hearts.

Woods – Acoustic Family Creeps 12"
This 12" is proof that the band can climb the spine like the hushed ghosts of rain when the spirit strikes them. Over the skeletal remains of selections from their recently released Songs of Shame,
Jeremy Earl's voice soars in just the right colors of crimson and orange, settling like dusk over the band's unhurried pop. The acoustic versions give a bit more tenderness to Earl's already haunting songs proving that if they were to delve down the road to bittersweet alt-country the band would undoubtedly take the Sub Pop set by storm. Though I'll always hold a hope for the occasional curdle of squelch and the unnecessary unhingedness of the psych splattered jam, there's no denying the power of songs that bring a smile to both the last drink before bed and the first rays of morning. Woods have that kind of power and the future is wide open.

[MP3] Woods - To Clean

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My pleasant discovery of the year - and this record is gorgeous.

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