A long while ago, round about the time Raven was just revving up, we covered the beautiful songs of White White Quilt and then they all but disappear. Now though they've disbanded they've left behind one essential document of their short existence and they've brought the brightness of Joseph Childress with them.

Joseph Childress/ White White Quilt – Split (Water Tower) 7"
Recorded inside a three story abandoned water tower, these two tracks are stunning examples natural reverb and location specific field recordings. On one side White White Quilt lay down their swan
song, steeped in the same high plains lonesomeness that Brightblack Morning Light have long been able to tap into. The cavernous surroundings match the Quilt's candlelit reverberations perfectly and this is quite possibly the best way they could have taken a bow. On the flip Joseph Childress proves that he wont' be taken lightly, recording a stirring version of his song "Leaving the Barren Ground". The track is giving amazing weight both through Childress' haunting delivery and from the epic percussion created by members of White White Quilt throwing their bodies against the walls of the water tower during the recording. Definitely one of the best singles to be released this year. Gorgeous doesn't begin to explain these recordings. Ltd to 500 copies.

[MP3] Joseph Childress - Leaving the Barren Ground

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posted by dissensous at 9:32:00 AM


Blogger Pete Birch said...

that is really quite special...thanks!

Pete UK

3:30 PM  
Anonymous alex said...

I really like the Childress song..haven't heard the White White Quilt side thought. Will definitely check this..I think a gem of a 7".

7:42 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Finally some Childress appears! If you could post anything from the Rebirths I would appreciate it. I have been chasing it for two year. No kidding! Looking forward to his new album. YOU rock, thanks for tugging on the ears:)

6:32 PM  

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