David Daniell and Douglas McCombs

With beginnings as part of Rhys Chatham's Die Donnergötter band and collaborations with Loren Connors, Thurston Moore, Greg Davis (Daniell) and Tom Ze, Azita Will Oldham, Yo La Tengo, Calexico (McCombs); the level of talent on display here should be self-evident. However the duo seems to find a collaborative valley that is both expected given their past and surprising given their typical strengths. With McCombs moving away from his usual role on the bass and instead joining Daniell on guitar and more notably Lap Steel, this sounds like a recipe for a Jack Rose styled pick-a-long. Much to the contrary, the duo work in clouds of delicate feedback and icy string work, stirring a constant swell of emotion from what began as a rather fragmentary approach. The band laid the tracks live then cut and arranged the final pieces of Sycamore from the nearly seven hours of original tapes. The end result is a twisting, scraping, explosive and delicate tale of two artists finding the joy in the sonic tapestry.

[MP3] David Daniell and Douglas McCombs- The Deshabille

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