All right it's about time for another RSTB Jukebox. Gathering up the best of lost garage blues, psych stompers, fuzz tones and more. Just like you like it.

[MP3] The Del-Vetts - Last Time Around
Thick and sinister with a huge swath of fuzz ripping through the steady thump of bass. The Del-Vetts may not have had the legs for a career but they're certainly showing they have a mastery of garage-pop for at least 2 1/2 minutes on this one.

[MP3] Jagged Edge - Midnight To Six
A chunk of rhythm kicks Jagged Edge into this garage-blues stomper. Snotty and salty with a nice lick of harmonica peaking through the strangled string work. Impossible to sit still with this one playing in the background, that's for sure.

[MP3] The Shag - Stop and Listen
Just in case you were worried about a lack of fuzz, The Shag kick it through a psych filter, heavy and crimson. Chugging and thumping but with that wistful jump into the chorus. Despite the questionable name, The Shag seem to really bring it here.

[MP3] Grains of Sand - Going Away Baby
Distorted strums and a reckless rhythm section drive this thumper straight into the wall at 60 mph. Kick in an organ bridge and you've got a pretty sweet slice of garage that does more that satiate the need for snotty teenage kicks.

[MP3] The Gentlemen - It's A Cryin' Shame
Diving once more into the think end of the fuzz pool, The Gentlemen stomp and chomp then stop for a little bit of harmony before tearing the strings apart once more. Crunchy and
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THAT'S THE STUFF!!! Fantastic selection, man, keep it up.

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