TV Ghost

TV Ghost caught a few ears with their 7" on Die Stasi but it would appear that a few more are about to get an evil earful with their first full length, Cold Fish just hitting shelves via In The Red. Riding a nihilistic wave that stretches from Suicide to the A-Frames, the band have a heavy hand on the lid of industrialized punk. Often times rubbing like a cheese grater to the skull, Cold Fish is not a bubbly brand of garage punk, but rather hearkens back to the instinct to create discomfort through shrapnel latticed guitar assaults and seasick swells of air raid organ. The band appear to have received a box of crayons that contains only shades of gray and proceed to scribble on the walls with such a fever that there's some sort of twisted beauty in their caustic splatter; and that's just the music, lyrically the band aren't exactly spitting rainbows either. Razored assaults on alienation and society abound and though the lyrics are pretty shrouded, my hopes are high that "The Singularity" is about the frightening theory of Singularitarianism. The album is another great notch in the In The Red belt and probably the anti-summer album of the summer.

[MP3] TV Ghost - The Singularity
[MP3] TV Ghost - The Consumption

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an LP by TV Ghost - is it the same one that's now being reissued by in the red or is the in the red one actually their second LP?

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The LP on In The Red is all new material.

12:05 PM  

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