Brian Foote steps out from behind the boards and returns to the forefront yet again in his role as Nudge. Though he's kept busy playing in Valet and Atlas Sound and producing Lotus Plaza; its been a while since he's taken proper credit for a recording. It seems all the nob tweaking in the producer's chair has really solidified his own sound. Still skirting the lines of ambient and dub As Good As Gone is a beautiful, cohesive album that floats and gently bobs through gummy fog and disconnected soul. When Valet's Honey Owens' steps up to the microphone Nudge's gentle throb swirls into a kind of lost-in-time lounge that's swathed in the purple velour of cigarette smoke and port. Then just as easily her supple voice is supplanted by Foote's own icy vocalizations on songs like "Aurolac" swinging from languid to vaporous and right back through the digital dub filter of Foote's electronic eye. I have to admit that I'm more of a sucker for the Owens fronted tracks but when Foote hits just the right not of Brightblack Morning Light hushed ghost dance he can keep things just as entrancing.

[MP3] Nudge - Two Hands

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