Nodzzz are always breezing in and leaving after far too brief a stay and this scant 7" is no different. Still the little bit of sweetness they bring to your ears is well worth the wait for more.

Nodzzz – True to Life 7"
Still janglin'? You bet your ass they are. Nodzzz would have it no other way and this 7" serves as (hopefully) a stop-gap between last year's 12" and more to come. The A-side is jumping and strumming just as they've always done, with a bittersweet slow down on
the chorus and plenty of sing-a-long charm. The B-side is a bit breezier, a bit slower but no less a scrappy bit of pop that screams, or rather slyly drawls - Nodzzz. Sure the band aren't knocking down the walls of pop but somehow being content to slump yourself against them seems just as endearing.

[MP3] Nodzzz - True To Life

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