More sweet echoes of the past from the RSTB Jukebox this week. Wrapping up a whole host of garage blues, psych stompers and more. Just like you like it.

[MP3] Annabee-Nox - Always On My Mind
Starting things off a little sweet and Swedish here with a tune from Annabee-Nox. The band mixed in a nice bit of harmony and a touch of psychedelic affectation to create a rather pretty, melancholy little track.

[MP3] The Basement Wall - Never Existed
The boys in the perplexingly named Basement Wall take an ode to love in the opposite direction of sweet. Mashing up some biting lyrics with a full on attack of fuzz leads, perhaps they could have gone further, but instead all they left us was this gem.

[MP3] The Blues Project - You Go, I'll Go With You
Projections is one of the great blues rock albums of the 60's but the band's live cut from Cafe Au Go Go has a pretty good set of legs as well and gets things rolling on the American leg of the 60's blues revival. Kooper and the boys do a fine job on this blues staple.

[MP3] The Golden Cups - Got My Mojo Workng
Sure the Americans and the Brits are known for shining a light on well deserved blues acts in the 60's but even Japan had a blues revival and The Golden Cups tackle more than their fair share of classics on their '69 live album. Tearing up "Mojo" with the best of them and even giving things a bit of a jazz touch here.

[MP3] Laughing Kind - Empty Heart
Well this week's feeling a little light on the FUZZ, so this cut from Laughing Kind should clear that right up. Buzzing like a turbine and rocking with organ in the background, the band kept things restrained but still let it cut to the bone.
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