Matta Llama

Matta Llama recorded these sessions as one of the inaugural recordings at Black Dirt Studios. Seems they were mutually shelved at the time only to be unearthed when time and mixing experience allowed them to be fully realized as the monstrous and creeping The Witch Channel. The band has previously released works on Mad Monk and Ecstatic Peace and cites amongst their ranks illustrator Airik Roper, so it would seem a few heavy credentials are in order. The album crawls through the molten blackness stopping only briefly to add chunks of rubble and debris to its twisted and tortured form. Underneath the undulating cloud form that threatens rain at each minute, there lies a blues base that lets itself through most notably on "Ukiah Shade". Elsewhere though its pushed deeper into fuzz channeled nightmares and scorched sky lamentations. Though its old to the band its new to the world and rightly secures Matta Llama's reputation as psychedelic innovators.

[MP3] Matta Llama - PHALLIX
[MP3] Matta Llama - Ukiah Shade

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