Combining members of Jesu, Godflesh and Isis doesn't exactly sound like a recipe for carefree pop but Greymachine seem to delve to depths of scraping, ragged evil that their divided parts usually touch on only briefly. The entirety of Disconnected wears so leaden on the listener that light seems only a memory by the final strangled chords. Starting off with a taste of shrapnel grit between the teeth, the group only increases the feeling of sinking in glass as the album progresses and by time you're partway through its far too late to look back. There's only but to trudge on through the hellish landscape that Brodrick and co. have laid before you. Even the insistent drizzle that clouds the skies of Disconnected can't wash away the feeling of hopeless, endless struggle and pain that Greymachine have brought to life. In other words... an absolutely wonderful record.

[MP3] Greymachine - Wasted

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Anonymous shock said...

fucking awesome

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I almost don't miss Godflesh as much as I used too! LOL Keep up the good work JKB and friends!

5:46 PM  

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