Though seemingly lesser known than many of his other endeavors, Final is Justin Broadrick's longest running moniker, running back to his musical beginnings. Not as cinematic as his work in Jesu nor as angry as the overtones of Godflesh or the recently released Greymachine record, but still finding the emotional depth in gorges of noise and the sadness inherit in the most monolithic tones. In fact sadness seems to be the prevailing theme of Reading All the Right Signals Wrong. Broadrick's bleak machinations and guitar manipulations stumble upon a wealth of grey-eyed, open-hearted longing for understanding amongst the rubble and fleeting demise of civilized emotion. The original version of the album was released earlier this year solely on vinyl but has been presented here on CD with the addition of remixes of each of the four tracks that make up the album. Amazingly the remixed versions seem to deepen the bleakness and depth of despair that were already lodged in Broadrick's original tracks making this two equally dark roads to travel upon.

[MP3] Final - Green
[MP3] Final - Wrong Signal (Alt. Mix/Edit)

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