It seems that '09 is destined to be the summer of Ducktails, with Matt Mondanile cranking out an equally engaging follow-up to his S/T record in quick fashion. Landscapes puts a double layer of neon ennui on top of the musty VHS dream sequence charm that permeated the first couple of recordings. Here the colors are brighter and the edges softer but the sun doesn't shine any less brilliant over the squat lined suburban apartment roofs that dot Ducktails' landscapes. On the rare occasion that vocals break through the melted instrumental trance, they too seem to keep themselves from worry or hurry, just taking in the natural ease of their sunny surroundings. Its gonna be a toss-up at year's end which album gets more play but it feels like Landscapes may eke ahead of the NNF album's more cut and paste appeal.

[MP3] Ducktails - Landrunner
[MP3] Ducktails - Wishes

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i need to start commenting on your posts. this is my favorite music blog out here in inter space. your music selection is vast and bright drone and fucked up funke and i just wanted to tell you that i loved it and really appreciate what you are doing.

and i know that many people feel the same way as i!


3:20 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

Hey Starra,

Thanks! I'm glad to know that people are into the site. Makes it all worth it. Definitely!

12:46 PM  

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