Dan Melchior und Das Menace

I've picked up a few of Dan Melchior's records over the years and the man can lay a roughed up blues riff but none of his newer diversions under the "un Das Menace" banner have really grabbed me until now. Tearing at the strings like a psych-blues shaman, Melchior seems to have finally found the perfect balance between his In The Red garage floor beginnings and the unhinged side of the sun. Fuzz blown and string strangled, Obscured by Fuzz lives up to the promises that title brings with it, and Melchoir leads the the ransacked parade in grand shambolic fashion. The album's at its best when the fuzz bites into you like a confused dog, thrashing out without knowing what its going to do once it hooks its teeth in. But while Melchior's guitar pulls back it's gums, he remains cool and collected vocally watching the carnage go down with a crooked smirk. When he does dip into a few Syd Barrett woozy pop numbers, its still all well and good, just more twisted firewood to stoke the blaze but he does well to keep one foot in his tattered amp past and the other stretched way into the void.

[MP3] Dan Melchior und Das Menace - Obscured by Fuzz
[MP3] Dan Melchior und Das Menace - Caffeine and Alcohol

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Blogger hex conduction hour said...

No way! Some Dan Melchior love on RSTB! I met Dan at the best record store in Durham, Bull City Records, while asking the owner about the Messthetics label -- Dan knows the guys who owns that label and it turns out he's played with all my favorites (incl. the Fall and the Homosexuals). Love his new stuff, especially the amazing Covert Stomp album.

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