Yair Yona

With an overt love for Fahey, Basho and Jansch and a refracted kinship with latter day string pickers from Chasney to Rose; Israeli guitarist Yair Yona seems to draw much more from the American Delta and British Hills than from Israel's musical tradition. But Yona's immersion into the styles of these two continents strikes a fitting tribute, with a fluid style and simple touches of sadness trickling from his fingertips. Occasionally Yona's influences play very far from the chest, with songs like "Pharaoh" practically screaming Fahey, but when the instrumentation is layered; with moans of slide sidling over the picking, his songs begin to work out rhythmic landscapes that stretch and tumble just perfectly. The addition of ambient drones only further opens up these regions of Yona's playing, wrapping the galloping strings in dark clouds of mystery and unease. Considering this is his solo debut, the reverence to his influences seems like a starting point aching to break open on further recordings.

[MP3] Yair Yona - Struggled So Hard
[MP3] Yair Yona - Sympathy For The Jack

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