Yellow Hand - Yellow Hand
It seems very likely that a band whose sole album consisted of songs largely written by Neil Young and Stephen Stills would be a bit better known. Six of the ten songs on their S/T album were written by Stills and Young for the Buffalo Springfield but
never actually recorded and somehow passed to the players in Yellow Hand. Along with one more cover from Delaney and Bonnie and a couple of originals the band seemed to fit right into a time when the aforementioned Springfield were already brimming with success. However even with a fairly faithful delivery on the Young/Stills tracks and some rather accomplished originals (for a band that seemed to be relying on covers) they still failed to attract the attention expected of them. Following the one album they seemed to fade into obscurity but at least the results have now been rescued from the trash bin. It's not Buffalo Springfield, that much is evident, but it deserved more than the obscurity it was handed.

[MP3] Yellow Hand - Sell Out
[MP3] Yellow Hand - We'll See

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