Following one of his most personal and accomplished releases to date, JJT opens the vaults and lays upon us the very cream of his demos and outtakes recorded from October 2002 and January of 2007. Now in some cases outtakes seem a cheap supplement but honestly I’d say that Toth’s second stringers can outrun many songwriters’ best material so this is more than a welcomed offering. Many of these songs fit well within the clean shaven country of Waiting in Vain and the ragged folk that became Born Bad but there remains an air of the farmyard preacher that haunted his early works as well. Oddly enough it’s just the presence of Toth’s voice that seems to make any disparate influences seem irrelevant, as if just the steady tone of his dusted croon binds any style to another seamlessly. So while it may not technically have come together as an “album” it charms the soul just the same; another brick in the legacy of James Jackson Toth. I’ll drink to that.

[MP3] WAND - Eyes
[MP3] WAND - Chrome

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