Thee Oh Sees

Ok its official. I yield, I submit, I crumble because Thee Oh Sees just keep pelting us with release after release of slippery, skuzzy chunks of garage bliss. On top of the mountain of releases already pressing the wallets of the populace, they’ve unloaded Zork’s Tape Bruise which rounds up all those limited tracks you might not have gotten a chance to track down on vinyl first time ‘round - from the Peanut Butter Oven 12” to the Intelligence Split and a few other bits and bobbles of Oh Sees goodness in between. The LP half of Zork’s lowers the fidelity boom and mashes a few classics through a din of tape hiss and acid scratched noise brigades giving them a few new hues you might not have caught in their previously pristine forms. Unfortunately this one’s already becoming scant but a few distros are still hunkering down copies so if you see it, buy it because well let’s be honest, you know you want it.

[MP3] Thee Oh Sees - Rainbow from Zork’s LP
[MP3] Thee Oh Sees - Bloody Water from Zork’s CD

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Anonymous Justin said...

I like this older sound they're producing here...

5:54 PM  
Anonymous tom said...

It's funny that you posted about this right now.

Yesterday when record shopping I picked up this LP, and I thought to myself...don't I already own enough albums by Thee Oh Sees, and then I look at the back and see that this is John's solo 4 track stuff, and I think to myself...can I really pass this up. Needless to say I left with Zork's Tape Bruise, and I don't regret it. and most people probably won't.

Peeps in NYC I think Academy in Brooklyn still has copies (1st press too).

10:26 AM  
Anonymous mike said...

i have wanted to make the sounds i just here ever time i have jammed with friends

not that it's exactly what i'd ever want to do, but right now yes

12:10 PM  

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