Steven R. Smith & Gareth Davis

Smith has been a favorite around here for some time with his work in Thuja, Hala Strana, Ulaan Khol and most often his solo work catching our ears often. Davis is a newer character on me but his resume certainly seems well in order with past collaborations popping up with Jon Balke, Terje Rypdal as well as electronic artists like Machinefabriek and Ryan Teague. The bulk of Westering feels very much in line with Smith's other solo works and his guitar bears an unmistakable thumbprint on this, but Davis' deft weaving and texturing with bass clarinet gives the album a somber and dissonant touch that seems to enhance those sparse uneasy passages that Smith has come to be known for. The clarinet tones toss and turn over Smith's growl then pull back at times to soothe the burn that seems to fester in Smith's strings. Another sizeable notch in the belt's of both artists and just one more inch of quality on Important's shoulders.

[MP3] Steven R. Smith & Gareth Davis - Source & Thereof
[MP3] Steven R. Smith & Gareth Davis - Contrasted View

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great albums

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