So I was never much of a fan of Gravy Train, but drop a garage beat and guitar behind him and Hunx is cracking out the garage pop bliss.

Hunx and His Punx – Teardrops on my Telephone 7" With each song reading like the campiest of YA fiction, Hunx is giving garage a well deserved gay kick in the britches. The A-side is pure teen nail-biting melodrama with no reprieve going to the flip side. Hunx slows it down
for the closer with a warning to nosy girls and a bit of jilted lover pout. Beyond all, bless Hunx for working the phrase "I won't get under you until you get over him" into the garage lexicon. Shattered releases one of the most unabashedly fun releases of the year, thanks Jay/Hunx!

[MP3] Hunx and His Punx - I Won't Get Under You

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