The Pink Noise

Some echoes from the past and present from the shrouded Canadian duo known as The Pink Noise. The first batch of scum battered tracks comes from CD-R label Inyrdisc and they're just the kind of glue haze disco that made us shimmy to last year's Dream Code. In fact these sessions come from the same time period that birthed that album, so you if you dug what the boys were ripping on that one then Memory Box will appeal to your frazzled senses. The second, in what looks to be a long string of releases is Alpha, a new passel of queasy boom box rattlers, no less sinister than their older recordings. Though it seems that a wealth of bedroom synth punk has exploded across landscapes both physical and amongst the tubes, The Pink Noise still bring a Chrome-styled sense of alien absurdity/insidiousness that makes their burnt chromosome twitches all the more alluring. In addition to these two offerings there are two more gems in the works, a reissue of the Birdland cassette, revamped and pressed to vinyl by Sacred Bones and a new album, Graffiti Youth out soon on Kill Shaman. For now though, you can melt your brain with this glut of tunes.

[MP3] The Pink Noise - Do The Disconnect from Memory Box
[MP3] The Pink Noise - Buzzsaw from Alpha

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (Memory Box) ||| HERE (Alpha)
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