Naam certainly have their sludge metal history sewn up and though this is only an EP the band manage to weigh down on yawning ears with enough murky blackness to feel time stretch beyond the boundaries of the last groove. The trio are keen on mixing a Sabbath-like penchant for epic vocals dripping in just the right touch of phlange effected horror with truly monolithic riffs that grind the stones around you to fine powder in their wake. The short opening tracks here give reason for notice but its the sidelong closer that really whets an appetite for the upcoming LP. The Kingdom EP's namesake drops Naam into a class with a few other epic metallurgists like Ancestors or Earthless, who've been keeping the lines between Hawkwind dusted space rock and sludge heaviness delightfully obscured. Hope is high that the band continues to stretch their sound to even greater lengths as they work their way into grander projects.

[MP3] Naam - Skyling Slip

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Anonymous mike said...

been looking for more maturish metal-originated things, most of it's too ridiculous though i love the sound

and try finding death metal that isn't restricted and immature! they're out there though

good find thanks

10:36 AM  

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