More good news out of the Woven Bones camp in the form of a killer sigle on Needless. Place their upcoming full length high on our list of anticipated releases for the second half of '09.

Woven Bones – Janie 7" The A-side rips out of the gates on vapors of cracked leather and dried sweat. Pounding like the first waves of adrenaline stupor the track is air-tight garage furor. The B-side, as with their Hozac single, lets things down easy; providing the late
night come down flickering in the blue glare of an ignored television. The two balance perfectly the highs and lows of taught strung boredom and relief. If the band weave these two extremes together as successfully on record as they have on their singles, that Hozac longplayer can't help but churn a few brains.

[MP3] Woven Bones - Janie

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Blogger Andrew said...

Saw these guys in Atlanta last week and they were just awesome. Bought this single, as well as "With You Alone"/"Sitting Sick" and their split with the Jacuzzi Boys. The A-side to their next single, "Your Sorcery," is up on rcrdlbl.com right now and is definitely worth checking out. It's supposed to be coming out officially later this month. Can't wait for the Hozac LP!

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