Grass Widow

Well my jealousy of the West Coast rises another notch with the arrival of San Francisco's Grass Widow. The trio's first LP wraps slinky and often delightfully jerky post-punk in a din of Raincoats styled vocals and the occasional surprise eruption of horn. The three push-pull their way through songs, riding atop a clatter of drums and nervous guitar, but what seems to glue the frackus together is the sweetly sad vocals that careen from soaring multi-part harmonies to a comforted croon. The ladies are veteran players, with a few having spent some time in SF's Shitstorm, and though this is their first album under the Grass Widow name its a pretty complete offering for a debut LP. Pick one up where you can, and if you're in the Bay area sounds like you can stop by for a slice of Pizza with the Make a Mess staff and grab one.

[MP3] Grass Widow - To Where
[MP3] Grass Widow - Celebrate The Mundane

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Anonymous flamgirlant said...

absolutely loving these tracks - thanks!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Lili of Yes Please is terrific ! Great...

1:26 PM  

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