Sami Sänpäkkilä is the driving force and divining rudder behind the wonderful world of Fonal and he's a pretty damn fine musician in his own right. As Es, Sami has always been able to mix classical, ambient and lingering strains of pop into a writhing bubble of sound that can't help but come across as a joyous romp with perception. On his latest Kesämaan Lapset (The Children of the Summerland), Sami's synths are set to warble, along with a pocketful of tones that weave their way into your consciousness only to fly away on the breeze seconds later. The album's two long centerpieces build like castles of light, pulsing in towering strands of color that threaten to topple at any moment. The first of these, "Säteet sun sielusta" strains the buzzing senses before a cool tumble out through title track "Kesämaan lapset" as voices emerge from the edges of memory pulling at puffs of childhood in the process. Not quite as epic as his previous double album but Sami's never one to leave a listener dissapointed, and Kesämaan Lapset shines amongst his catalog.

[MP3] Es - Ennen oli huonommin

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brilliant, great, going to get this

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