Dylan Shearer

Yik Yak has quietly released the debut by California native Dylan Shearer, a wonderfully skewed but somehow warmly familiar record. Planted/Plans brims with the kind of bedroom pop that only seems to make sense in those midnight hours between 2 and 4, the times when humidity keeps you awake and spinning on your pillow. Shearer's songs have an oddball sense of pop and a woozy lounge quality, swinging towards the feel of lost British recluse folk from the 60’s but somehow also making me think any one of these might fall easily into the repertoire of George "Bunny" Hoover from Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. They croon and stumble, amble and warble in ways that most pop singers might not let their melodies stray. They have a way of wandering and then suddenly knocking on a hopelessly catchy patch and you find yourself swaying uncontrollably and humming along, wishing you knew the words. Sadly this pressing of the album is only available in a run of 100 and beautifully housed in a tequila sunrise of a sleeve that kinda sums up the lost island lounge quality of the whole thing. Grab one while you can because this is the kind of record that ends up on collectors most hunted lists 30 years down the road.

[MP3] Dylan Shearer - As If
[MP3] Dylan Shearer - Dailydoms

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