The Cultural Decay - Eight Ways to Start a Day (Singles and Demos) Sacred Bones adds another to their newest undertaking of reissues and its no less dazzling than the first. Wrapping up the bulk of Belgian post-punk unknowns The Cultural Decay onto LP and an even fuller
CD, the label shines a much needed light on this cult act. The majority of the band's following at the time centered around a club called ARNO's in Leuvan where they were known for chaotic and rambling live performances. Although their original recorded output sold poorly it has weathered time well and stands as a rather interesting link in the discordant side of the 80's underground. As with their 13th Chime reissue the label has included extensive liner notes (most impressive in its 12" x 12" form accompanying the LP) detailing the history of the band, told here by member Joseph V. Though this is no replacement for some of your post-punk standards it widens the picture nicely and gives some nice counterpoint to some of those dark lo-fi warriors popping up today.

[MP3] The Cultural Decay - Brave New World
[MP3] The Cultural Decay - Thin Rope

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