Cold Cave smooth their noisy past into spectacularly perfect syth nostalgia on this 12" for What's Your Rupture?

Cold Cave – Etsel and Ruby 12" Hitting strangely John Hughes levels of 80's nostalgia, Cold Cave wrap this 12" around your heart and squeeze. The stand out here is the lead off "Love Comes Close" which cracks the spine on your teenaged diary in a way that only M83 has
been able to in recent years. Though some level of distortion ekes its way into the transitory "Cebe and Me" its just a hint at the band's past before launching into the closing dark brooding of "Heaven Was Full". It looks like Cold Cave have refined all their strengths and filed down the edges that may have frightened less adventurous souls from their sexually abrasive early work. With this potent mix of tight strapped synth and their lascivious swagger, their upcoming full-length (also on WYR?) is looking mighty interesting indeed.

[MP3] Cold Cave - Love Comes Close

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