As expected the Jukebox is full of petulant teen ramblings about girls this week. Rough and ragged but not without a bit of soul and just a slight twinge of psych flavor peppering in amongst the crags. Enjoy!

[MP3] The Dirty Wurds - Why
Cracking vocal chords into a heartfelt plea, The Dirty Wurds mix a jangled garage strum and smooth harmonies with flat out desperate sweat on this exhausting single. The best kind of from the hip garage-soul here.

[MP3] The Warner Brothers - Lonely
The brothers Warner lay down a heavy chug and an even heavier sob story on this single. Woe incarnate, though they do make it sound a bit fun to keep things lonely. Curled lip delivery and some sweet harmonies keep things clangin' here but its that driving beat that really delivers.

[MP3] Split Ends - Rich With Nothin'
Yet another tale of love gone wrong and evil women from the 60's oeuvre here. The band knock it out with fuzzed guitars and a nice little freakout section in the middle. Quite a prime slice of garage vitriol reeking of unfiltered cigarettes and heartbreak.

[MP3] Merry Dragons - Universal Vagrant
Not exactly the best of monikers here and that may have added a level of obscurity but the Merry Dragons kick up some nice dust with a tale of restlessness. Naturally women don't seem to help their plight as vagrants as seemed the theme from the decade. I think this may be one of the first garage tracks to sport the line "an arrow in my woo-hoo". So it's got that going for it.

[MP3] The Mauds - You Don't Know Like I Know
The Mauds add a swinging bit of soul to this tale that surprisingly paints their dearest in a loving light. Espousing an undying love and willingness to give anything for their girl with a driving beat and some high quality harmonies and just a stab of guitar walking over that workman bass.

[MP3] The Glass Sun - Silence In The Morning
Rounding things out here with a bit of warble and growl from the psych camp, these boys keep things fuzzy but add a nice layer of effects to stick with the times. It's a nice growling garage track musically that seems to spring for the psych angle with some vaguely obtuse lyrics and a preference for drum breaks, though the overall effect works itself into a pretty choice mix.
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Blogger hex conduction hour said...

No idea where you find this stuff, but it made my day. So awesome.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

that warner brothers song sounds like it's based off clarence "frogman" henry's "ain't got no home"…

7:55 PM  

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