Amen Dunes

Sure you've heard the "guy alone in a cabin" story before, but where others have produced easily accessible folk, Damon McMahon has truly tapped into the loner psych vibe on his debut Dia. The first side of this album trades in a less sunny version of Glenn Donaldson/ Donovan Quinn styled psych folk with just the right twinges of isolation and blissful solitude coming through in each note. The haze begins to clear slightly on the second side, with more focus on acoustic guitar but with no less stirring results. McMahon's songs resonate with a beautiful eccentricity, as if music was his only comfort, but that's what makes them so captivating. Though they're lonesome, they never wallow in loneliness; instead McMahon radiates the pure joy of playing without wondering who might be listening. Thankfully for us, the tape machine was listening.

[MP3] Amen Dunes - By The Bridal
[MP3] Amen Dunes - Two Thousand Islands

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Anonymous Mark Schoneveld said...

Gorgeous tracks! Thanks.

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